Table 3 Locale Categories

Category     Functionality
LC_COLLATE   Adapts strcoll, strxfrm. wcscoll, and
             wcsxfrm to the language/culture of the
LC_CTYPE     Adapts the isxxx/iswxxx functions in
             ctype.h to the character set associated
             with the locale, and affects multibyte/wide
             character mapping.
LC_MONETARY  Sets parameters pertaining to the display
             of monetary values such as decimal point,
             grouping (e.g., thousands), group
             separator, etc. This category is purely
             advisory and affects no standard library
LC_NUMERIC   Like LC_MONETARY, but for non-monetary
             values (e.g., the decimal point may be
             different than for non-monetary values)
LC_TIME      Adapts strftime and wcsftime to cultural